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Cinderella Spell

What if true love can’t break a witch’s spell after all? Prince Robert is the guardian of a key that Cinderella needs. To get the key, she must convince him to marry her. The problem? Prince Robert is already in love with someone else. In Laurie Lee’s dark fairy tale retelling Cinderella Spell, Cinderella is more than she seems, and true love doesn’t lie where you think. Prince Robert must discover the truth about Cinderella so he can overcome a powerful curse that threatens everyone in the kingdom. Despite the novel’s distracting lack of proofreading polish, this story nevertheless serves a compelling twist on a familiar tale. Lee explores themes of trust and loyalty, faith in a higher power, and good triumphing over evil. Intriguing characters and plot twists will keep readers engaged to the end.

Best for: Fans of twisted fairy tale retellings and dark fantasy.

Discern: Dark magic and manipulation.

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