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The Beast of Talesend

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In The Beast of Talesend, modern and magical collide in a fashion reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe. Kyle Robert Shultz creates an enchanting story world grounded in familiarity yet saturated with fairy-tale qualities. Add a distinctly British ambience and this story is primed to delight. Private detective Nick Beasley, expert in debunking magic, believes the magnifying glass of reason and logic reveals magic as a hoax. Then he becomes tangled in a case that opens his eyes to a world of new—and frightening—depth. His brother Crispin, Lord Whitlock, and “Lady Beaumont” round out a main cast that is quirky, highly individual, and engaging. Snappy dialogue, burgeoning mysteries, and riveting action keep a relentless pace all the way through the breathtaking conclusion. However, plenty of room remains for brotherly banter, dry wit, and a fascinating magic system.

Best for: Teens and adults who enjoy a clever, real-world fairy tale packed with action and humor and built around memorable characters.

Discern: Some violence, creepy creatures, and one semi-profanity.

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    Ooo, have this on my Kindle but I don’t think I read it. Better get to it!!

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