1. Keith C. says:

    Well done sir!

  2. Sarah Daniels says:

    Great article! Wild Swans was always a favorite of mine too, I think I had a lovely big storybook about the tale. Yes, Anderson had several tales about self sacrificing, agape love…the original Little Mermaid, for example. I always thought the ending to that was so sweet, that she couldn’t bear to kill her prince even to save her own life, and was rewarded by becoming a Spirit of the Air and not sea foam…and the Snow Queen, how dear Gerda struggled through such hardships to save her friend Kai, even though he didn’t care about her anymore…the Disney versions were…um…different, haha.
    Can’t wait to see more articles along this vein!

  3. Sarah Daniels says:

    Did you ever watch any of the TV show Faerie Tale Theatre, created by Shelley Duvall? It was on back in the 80s and had some marvelous adaptations of classic fairy tales!

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