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143. Which Top Ten Lorehaven Stories Proved Most Popular in 2022?

We start our new season of Fantastical Truth by reviewing our top ten articles, news, and pages at last year.
Fantastical Truth on Jan 6, 2023 · No comments

You’ve just time-traveled. At the approximate rate of 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, you’ve crossed into a new year. As per usual, to start our 2023 season of Lorehaven’s Fantastical Truth, we’ll review the top ten articles, news, and pages at last year.

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  • Some of these topics deal with sensitive subject matter. Rightfully so.
  • And because we’ve got ten of them, we’ll try to go more quickly.

Church of the Rock: crucifies Iron Man (2022)Lorehaven’s 2022 top ten: 10–8

10. 126. How Can We Respond With Grace and Truth to Christian Cringe? | with Kevin McCreary, Aug. 23, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard about that one church that just did a “Christian” version of the musical “Hamilton,” and of course got criticized by the creators and savaged by secular media. Or maybe last Easter you heard about the other church that did a “Christian” version of “Avengers,” just as they’ve adapted (or parodied?) other fantasy franchises. Christian cringe. Most of us have grown up seeing the controversial “art” our brothers and sisters keep making for the sake of evangelism or entertainment. How can we be truthful about these controversial cringe attempts, while also being gracious in Christ and faithful to his beloved saints? Today we’re joined by a surprise guest who has seen a lot of Christian cringe.


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8. ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies Prove That Fantasy Can Become Propaganda, W. S. Fulkerson, April 11

“We’re family,” the famous street-racer claims of his friends, but this idea actually subverts the biblical beauty of God-given adoption.

Lorehaven’s 2022 top ten: 7–5

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Character versions from Amazon Prime's "The Rings of Power"6. Amazon ‘Rings of Power’ Promos Threaten to Burn Middle-Earth in the Fires of Industry, Mike Duran, Feb. 28

The studio’s teaser trailer and fake “superfans” video appropriates J. R. R. Tolkien’s canon and the good will of fans. . . .

A good example of this disregard may be a YouTube video, uploaded by Amazon Prime Video UK, entitled “Lord Of The Rings Superfans Review The Rings Of Power Official Teaser Trailer.” The video consists of four twenty-somethings gushing over the trailer. What are they so excited about?

Well, one of the “superfans” squees that “Sauron is hot.” Another foresees that this series, unlike Peter Jackson’s trilogy, will pass the Bechdel Test by having two women speak to each other about something other than men.

Yet their predominant praise heaped upon the trailer was that the series is apparently making a push toward ethnic diversity. They reach this conclusion because the trailer features a black elf and a black dwarf, ethnicities never before featured in either the source material or the Jackson trilogy. This effort by the creators to represent more minority characters gave one panelist hope that as a “queer disabled” person, she may one day see people like herself represented in Middle-earth.

Apparently, Amazon’s new “superfans” see Tolkien’s epic mythology as simply a vehicle for diversity and inclusion. Its themes of courage and camaraderie, the temptation to power, and devotion to the Land are now subsumed by themes of gender and ethnic representation.

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Nov. 17 that the cultural conservative streamer would debut the Arthurian saga in 2023.

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Nov. 17 that the cultural conservative streamer would debut the Arthurian saga in 2023.

5. Daily Wire Announces Streaming Series Based on Stephen R. Lawhead’s Pendragon Cycle, Nov. 18

Last night, cultural conservative fans learned media company The Daily Wire could adapt Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged into a streaming series.

But for Christian fantastical fiction fans, the buried lede is actually this:

[Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy] Boreing also announced a slate of major projects in development, including: . . .

An exclusive option to develop and produce feature film and television series adaptations for all six books in Stephen R. Lawhead’s “THE PENDRAGON CYCLE”

Boreing elaborated in a Nov. 17 livestream:

While Atlas has shaped the worldview of millions of people around the globe, there’s a series of books that I read as a teenager that, more than any other, helped shape my worldview. It’s based on perhaps the most impactful myth in the Western tradition—the legend of King Arthur. And it’s called The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Lawhead. And today, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that the DailyWire+ has secured the rights to this unbelievable work.

This is an incredible story about the fall of the Roman occupation in Great Britain, and the rise of Christianity in the blood-soaked pagan islands—British Isles. It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve ever set about to do. And it’s going to be incredible. And it’s going to premiere on DailyWire+ in 2023.

Stephen R. Lawhead’s The Pendragon Cycle series combines Arthurian legends with Atlantis myths and early Celtic lore into a six-part historical fantasy epic. Released between 1987 and 1999, the saga explores themes of love, friendship, and destiny.

Lorehaven’s 2022 top ten: 4–1

Twilight, Stephanie Meyer4. Sensual Scenes in Fiction Pose Unique Temptations for Women, Marian Jacobs, April 21

From Twilight to Divergent to our own Lorehaven library of Christian-made fantastical novels, you can find varying doses of sensuality. In fact, the combination of romance and fantastical elements is one of the largest draws for female readers to these genres. Instagram alone features new marketing strategies emphasizing the types of romance readers will encounter, rather than plot elements. (“Check out this enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn paranormal romance!”)

Is this morally neutral, or might this provoke lust in the majority of female readers?

I’ve been told I’m making law and succumbing to purity culture by giving warnings to readers, parents, and writers of the dangers of sexual content in fiction. But the strangest thing is that only Christians make the argument that women are not widely effected by this kind of content. In September 2021, I posted a reel on Instagram that stated, “Sexual/sensual content in young adult books is like giving teens soft core porn.” The reel went viral, gaining nearly 300k views. With this came an overwhelming number of comments from non-Christians stating things like, “It 100% is and it’s super healthy too.” And “Teens are going to be sexual regardless. Why are we vilifying sexual content?” And “God forbid women read erotica… Disgusting.”

The consensus was that I wasn’t being sex-positive, and that teens are sexual by nature and should be reading porn in order to learn about sexuality in a “safe” environment. And as much as some of these comments were vile, I was struck by how unafraid they were to admit the truth—that teens and women are sexual beings and enjoy reading erotica and sensuality. This is the very thing Christian women refuse to admit. But why are some Christians so unwilling to say this?

  • It’s easy to think this is secular reasoning. Christians are vulnerable too.
  • Even some professing Christian authors are embracing Sexualityism.
  • Please pray for us as we consider how best to speak into these issues.

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For fantasy franchises, 2022 was a rough year. From Middle-earth madness, to not-so-secret Disney agendas, to yet another creative disaster threatening to destroy the DC multiverse, fans have gone through some grieving. What were the top threats to fantasy fandoms in 2022? And how should Christians view the grief process after corporations seem to destroy the best worlds?

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