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Beauty and The Mark Of The Beast

Superstar quarterback Ted Strongbow, prophecy expert Dr. Tim Van Shrimpy, and English Professor James Wiles are convinced they know the date of the rapture.
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A dispensensational end-times thriller.

Ted Strongbow is a superstar evangelical quarterback. Dr. Tim Van Shrimpy is a world-famous prophecy expert and televangelist. Professor James Wiles is an English teacher at a state university. What do they all have in common? They’re convinced they’ve calculated the day and the hour and will be raptured tonight. Hijinks ensue in biblical proportions.

The guys who brought you Kinda Christianity and Younger, Restlesser, Reformeder are proud to present Beauty and the Mark of the Beast, a satirical look at the cultural and theological craziness that often accompany this particular brand of pop theology. So unroll your tribulation maps, let your coffeepots boil over, and get ready for 43,000 words worth of end-times entertainment.

Satirical end-times fantasy for all ages.

Gut Check Press has published a juvenile and sophomoric piece of fiction which takes a massive pot-shot at the genre of end-times dispensationalist thrillers, aptly named Beauty and the Mark of the Beast. I mention it for two or three reasons. First, I wrote the foreword, which is probably the last time you’ll see a piece of fiction with a foreword. Second, it’s available on Kindle and will only put you out $ 2.99, so at the very least you will get $2.99 worth of laughs out of it. Third, I promised the guys to review it three weeks ago and rather than putting the 3 hours in it takes to write a decent book review I have been serializing my Sunday School Lesson on the Goodness of God because, well, why waste a really decent prep?

So that said, go buy you a copy before you don’t have any more lazy summer days to do fun reading in.

— Frank Turk, Pyromaniacs (from the Foreword)

What say you?