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Brimstone 1

A billionaire launches the first Christian rocket to intercept a UFO responding to interstellar Bible broadcasts.
· January 2021 · for

Christianity’s greatest revelation in twenty centuries is coming from the heavens—in the belly of a spaceship marked for destruction!

Billionaire Baxter Moore and his family have broadcast scripture into space for eighty years. Now, a UFO heads to Earth in response. Brimstone 1—the first Christian rocket—will intercept, piloted by NASA veteran Jana McAlister. A young engineer, Elijah Lindstrom, unravels the secrets and falls in love with the beautiful astronaut. As the countdown approaches, an anti-Christian militia plots the annihilation of Brimstone 1 to end the extraterrestrial evangelism.

An apocalypse looms as timeless scripture, futuristic technology, and worldly conspiracy collide. Will Elijah become “the new prophet” as Jana proclaims? Will humanity find rebirth or chaos in the revelation aboard Brimstone 1?

  1. James Strock says:

    Jason Karpf is noted for his knowledge and accomplishments in various fields. His polymathic strengths come together in this futuristic tale–which draws on strands reaching to spirituality, technology, history and today’s headlines. Highly recommended!

  2. Chad File says:

    Such a fun and captivating read! Couldn’t put it down. Jason does a fantastic job, as usual, in quickly getting to the action and yet keeping the reader in suspense, waiting for the next turn of events. I laughed, I cringed, I was infuriated… I can’t wait for a sequel! Well done, Jason.

  3. Bernie Fischer says:

    Jason is a gifted writer who expertly blends the elements of suspense, intrigue, and surprise into a mesmerizing futuristic journey. The story skillfully positions spiritually into powerful messaging. I highly recommend Jason’s exhilarating voyage!

  4. Loren Leidinger says:

    Jason takes us on an exciting adventure when the mysterious multi-generational plan of the billionaire Moore family is on track to collide with the modern day world. Will the arrival of this unidentified object flying toward earth challenge some people’s beliefs or re-affirm others? Or, will an extremist group not even give it a chance of landing? I enjoyed the main character, Elijah, as his hopes and dreams join the path of the Moore’s. This was so well written and such a page turner. I couldn’t get enough. Can’t wait for Brimstone 2!

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