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Seeking Adam

Stranded on Earth, Twilla seeks shelter with a human family and stumbles upon the answer to an ancient mystery that could throw the galaxy into turmoil.
· April 2012 · for

Twilla thought it would be a fun way to spend her summer after college – a short-term mission trip to an exciting, backward planet called “Earth” in the outer reaches of the galaxy. She expected to meet new friends and have a nice little adventure.

It doesn’t turn out that way.

Soon after landing, a patrol ship manned by the grim aliens, the Norgratz, who claim the territory encompassing the Earth, chases away her missions ship. She is left stranded, desperate and alone, and has no choice but to seek shelter with a human family. There, she stumbles upon the answer to an ancient mystery that her people have been seeking for centuries, a secret that could throw the entire galaxy into turmoil.

A secret that the Norgratz will do anything to suppress, even if it means interstellar war.

Book 1 of the Galactic Redemption series.

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