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The Disenchanted Pet

When Zarah, a human Prodigy, is lost by her caring alien master, she must confront the possibility she might be not a valued citizen, but a pet.
· September 2011 · for ,

Far into the future, the Earth is ruled by the ShaZha, a hyper-intelligent race of alien beings who are plagued by the violence and volatility of the human race. Supposedly intending to repair the broken societies and polluted planet, they have found the Human problem to be much more complex than they ever imagined. Zarah is a Prodigy, an obedient human, with a caring ShaZha master. Zarah wants to prove all her master’s hopes that humans can be civilized and responsible. When she is lost by her master and exposed to the other side of humanity, she must confront the possibility she might be not a valued citizen, but a pet.


Review by Maria Tatham:

This is a fabulous coming-of-age story about innocent, likable Zarah, a young woman finding her way in a world ruled by super-brainiac aliens (the lovable squishees!), who conquered earth centuries before, for the purpose of saving humans, of course. The brainiacs are a unique yet recognizable kind of sentient being, and the humans are…well, just what we are—some good guys and some total stinkers. Zarah falls in love in this world and…

Just how Kate Policani resolves the problems of her unique story-world is a blast to discover. Plus, I laughed out loud (and cried a little) as humans rediscovered something they completely forgot under ‘benevolent’ alien rule.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I learned what a SaSa is too! Kate’s writing is polished and professional, and her voice is totally engaging from start to finish.

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